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  • Can you fix my phone?
    Yes we can fix it. Below are our services offered: - Screen Replacement - Battery Replacement - Charger Port Replacement - Restore - Unlocking - Water Damage - Microsoldering IC Touch and more...
  • Do you remove iCloud account?
    Unfortunately, no. You can go to and restore your password.
  • Do you unlocks phones?
    Yes, carrier and password unlock. *Some restriccions may apply.
  • Do you buy phones?
    Yes, we have to do an appraisal in store, also you can check our website and get an estimated. Yes, we do. You can visit or call the stores to get a quick quote or check us our Trade-In Program @
  • Can you take off iCloud?
    Unfortunately, no. You can go to and restore your password.
  • Do you use original parts?
    We use only high quality factory compliant parts. Most of the parts are 100% original core components like LCD, IC chip, while non-core components like flex, glass lens and frame made of best original compliant material, which are assembled by the capable third-party factories.
  • Do you buy broken phones?
    Yes, we do. Although broken devices have not much value, we responsibly recycle some of the components. It's better than ending in a land field!
  • How long does the repair take?
    Most repairs are done within 1 hour or less! If we need more time we will let you know.
  • Can I just come in or is necessary make an appointment?
    Yes, absolutely walk-ins are welcome, although the turn around time may be longer without an appointment.
  • Can you fix my phone if I bring my own parts?
    We can fix your device if you bring your own parts, we cannot give you Warranty on the parts but we can fix it, labor/turn around time depends on device. For more information please read our Terms and conditions here:
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